Changing IP address fo DC's



Hi All

I hope someone can help. We are looking to migrate to windows 2003 but
before we do this we need to change from public IP address to Private IP
address. This is our domain

Windows 2000 AD
2 DC's both serving DNS, and DHCP
Both server have public IP address
DHCP is proving public IP address to clients

we woild like to change DC's to private IP address and provide Private IP
address to all clients and also leave DNS running on the DC's

any help would be great





Shouldn't be anything tricky. Just create a new DHCP scope with all the
options for the new IP network. Add the IP address of the new network to
your DCs (leave the old ones there until after the migration). You'll have
to bridge your WAN to your LAN temporarily if you want to keep Internet
available during the process, which assumes you will have your new NAT
router in place so Internet will be immediately available after you get the
new private addresses assigned. Create a new AD DNS zone for the new subnet
and make sure all the records for the domain and DCs are available. Then,
when you've tested it all from some statically assigned test boxes, activate
the new scope, deactivate the old one - everybody reboots and life is good.
If you have file servers, printers, etc that need DNS records it might be a
good idea to add them by hand at first. In preparation, you can install DNS
on a member server as a secondary and allow your current zone to transfer.
Not only can you use it to prove that DNS resolves to the proper new
addresses for the DCs and domain services, but after you kill off the
original on the DCs, if it all blows up, you can convert the secondary to a
primary on the member sever, re-create the zone on a DC as a secondary to
it, initiate the zone transfer, then convert it back to AD Integrated.
Obviously, this is a quick newsgroup post, I'm sure I've left a few things
out. TEST it before you commit and leave yourself a way to go back if it


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