can't load outlook addin



I'm developping an outlook addin using VSTO
I have visual studio 2005 & outlook 2007
I used the VSTO outlook addin wizard to develop my addin
My addin works, I can debug it from within visual studio (it starts outlook
and loads my addin)
But when I try it 'alone' on the same computer, it does not work. My
installer is the one created by the VSTO outlook addin wizard.
- I execute the addin installer (setup.exe), and setup is done with no error
- I start outlook, and I don't see the splash screen that tells me My addin
has been loaded...
- when I have a look at outlook complements, it tells me my addin is
inactive because off an execution error during the COM complement loading.
I can't deploy it on another computer either...
What's the problem ?

I saw some docs (
about prerequisities needed (office 2003 / 2005 primary interop assemblies
and tools for office runtime), but if I can debug my addin from within
visual, it means I already have them no ? Is it a security problem ?

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

You should post programming questions in a programming group.

Your problem is most likely the security. Read the article you linked to as
well as part 1 and make sure to follow everything exactly, or otherwise your
addin will never install and run.

Brian Tillman

fbolefeysot said:
I'm developping an outlook addin using VSTO

You may get better responses in the programming groups.
microsoft.public.outlook.program_addins would be a good place to start.

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