Add in Compatibility with Outlook 2007


Sumit Dhal

Hi all,

If it is the wrong forum, where i posted, please ignore it.

We have an addin application developed using VS 2003 on Outlook 2003.
This is a VS COM addin, and works perfect on Outlook 2003. We used
Office XP PIA.

I have not tried Office 2007 yet.

But can any one tell me is the same addin build will work on Outlook
2007. Or what are the complecacies if not.

I am really afraid, do I need to develop all the stuffs again with VSTO
or some other technology. Please suggest.

thanks in advance.


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

If your addin runs in Outlook 2003 it should run in Outlook 2007. You'll
have to test it of course.

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