VSTO SE addin on Office 2010 64bit



our outlook addin is developed using VSTO SE against 2007 PIA.
in order to support 2010 users, we've added Explorer RibbonX support.
we have a separate development machine that can debug the addin with
outlook 2010, by cloning the project file, and changing both the dll
references to those for outlook 14, as well as the execution path in
the project properties.

this solution has worked well for the 32 bit version of the outlook
2010. although we do get warning messages that office 2007 is missing
as well as it's PIA.

we're trying to get it up and running with the 64 bit version of
outlook with no success. it looks like the VSTO addin to Visual studio
2005, can't handle the different office. it will compile. but when we
try to run the project we get a general error notice: "The operation
could not be completed. The parameter is incorrect." mot much to work

it goes with our saying that the addin does not load when we run the
outlook directly, event though it is registered.

Ken Slovak

You will need VS 2010 and VSTO 2010, that's the only way you can get a VSTO
addin to work for 64-bit Outlook.

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