can't load VSTO outlook addin outside visual...



I'm developping an outlook addin using VSTO
I have visual studio 2005 & outlook 2007
I used the VSTO outlook addin wizard to develop my addin
My addin works, I can debug it from within visual studio (it starts outlook
and loads my addin)
But when I try it 'alone' on the same computer, it does not work. My
installer is the one created by the VSTO outlook addin wizard.
- I execute the addin installer (setup.exe), and setup is done with no error
- I start outlook, and I don't see the splash screen that tells me My addin
has been loaded...
- when I have a look at outlook complements, it tells me my addin is
inactive because off an execution error during the COM complement loading.
I can't deploy it on another computer either...
What's the problem ?

I saw some docs (
about prerequisities needed (office 2003 / 2005 primary interop assemblies
and tools for office runtime), but if I can debug my addin from within
visual, it means I already have them no ?
Is it a security problem ?
I tried to follow all instructions found in the doc, and here are the
problems I met :
- can't find wanted prerequisites in the list given by the addin setup
- error when trying to install the addin after having set the security stuff
: cannot set the security policy, the specified solution code group name is
not valid

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Answered in the original group you posted in. Read both deployment articles
and follow every step as if your life depended on it. Otherwise the addin
will never load.


please read the end of the message, I added more info on problems I had
following the doc steps.
ie :

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Again, read and follow the deployment articles exactly. The problems you are
seeing are from not following every single step of the articles exactly.


Hi Ken,

i have the same problem and i followed the deployment articles...
While Outlook ist starting up, the registry entry "LoadBehaviour" changes
from "3" to "2" and the add-in does not load.

Please help...


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

How can I help with that as the information provided?

Have you verified that on the target machine that all the requirements are
installed (VSTO runtime, PIA's, dependencies, correct version of the
Framework, extensibility.dll, stdole.dll, etc.)?

Have you used the Framework configuration utility to verify that the CAS was
set up correctly and is granting full trust to your assembly? Have you
strong named the assembly?

In the SetSecurity project are you creating the custom actions mentioned in
the deployment articles?

Is this on Vista? Do you deploy the revised version of the VSTO runtime that
fixes some Vista problems? If on Vista does it work if you toggle the
setting for UAC? If so you might need to install to HKLM instead of to HKCU
depending on the UAC settings. See the Misha Shneerson blog article about
installing VSTO addins to HKLM.

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