AddIn loading takse too much time after PC Restart



Hi All,

I have AddIn developed on VSTO 2005 .net 2.0.

The AddIn loads pretty fast when after first Outlook launching, but if
i restart PC and start Outlook
with my AddIn, it's takes too long. However starting Outlook without
AddIn after restarting the PC takes
normal period of time.

Is there any reason the after PC restart Outlook's + AddIn's loading
takes too much time???

TNX in Avance.

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Any managed code addin must start the CLR before it can run. If your addin
is the first piece of managed code to run that session you have to add in
the time for the CLR to be started and initialized before Outlook and your
addin finish their startup.



Do u have any suggestions how i can to improve it?? or to check
whether CLR already started??
After PC restart the Outlook get stuck for a while, and users can't do
anything, even not to check their INBOX.

any ideas, suggestions???

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

No ideas, no suggestions, that's the way it is if you're using managed code.
Want a faster startup? Use unmanaged code instead.

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