Why does it take too much time starting up?


Victor Ramirez

I would like to know why my computer takes too much time
starting up. I have two computers one has a 2.0 Celeron
processor and the other one has a 2.6 Pentium processor.
The one with the Celeron processor takes 20 second on the
startup while the Pentium takes up 1 min 30 sec. What can
be the problem.


There can be a whole bunch of problems, thousands...There
can be alot of autostart programs, virus, hardware
configuration, to little RAM etc

BUT most likely you have too much crap starting up
automaticly. Run msconfig, select the tag Startup and see
what you have there, might be some spyware, dialers and


Check that you have the same items selected on start-up. You can do this by
clicking on "start" then "run"type in "msconfig".In the box that opens
select the "startup" tab, you can then check what items run at startup and
check if its the same between both computers.

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