Vista Windows Explorer Slow Loading After 20 Minutes


Ed Gowen

Using Vista Business Edition MSDN-AA on a Dell Latitude D810 Laptop -
Windows Experience Index: 3.6

When first booted and logged-on, Windows Explorer launches quickly. After
some use, starting Windows Explorer takes a long time to populate the left
panel. The right panel loads quickly but the tree view in the left panel
takes so long that eventually the windows is marked as "Not Responding". It
takes as long as 60 to 90 seconds but eventually, the left panel populates
and runs well. Restart or even just Log-off/Log-on restores Windows
Explorer startup speed but eventually the problem returns.

The same delay is experienced when downloading a file after the system has
been up for awhile and the file / save as dialog box is displayed. It takes
a long time to be available but eventually it works and the download is
normal. During the delay there is no significant network, hard drive or
unusual CPU activity level.

Software loaded: Office 2003 / Nero 7 Ultra (Scout has already been
disabled) / Lotus Notes / HyperSnap 6/ Symantec Antivirus Corporate - / Visual Studio 2005 (with Vista hotfix), Advanced Vista Codec

Any suggestions would be welcome.


After several hours of searching this is the only record I can find of
my exact problem with the released version of Vista Ultimate ed. I’m
running on a 5.9 W.E. PC so performance is NOT the issue.

Anyone else having this problem?

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