windows explorer slow



Windows explorer hour glass/vista circle icon is on and explorer is not

I have multiple drive mapped and added network locations (add network

On the left side of explorer whenever a drive is selected the hour
glasss/vista thinking circle is on. It takes a fair amount of time to open
any of the drive. On XP systems there is no issue opening any of the network
location. On the XP systems sysmatec antivirus is installed as well. Same
network, same location, XP is much faster than Vista.

Any idea what the problem can be. We have around 50,000 systems converting
from XP to Vista.
The conversion will be fun....
Any help would be appreciated.

Mick Murphy

You don't know computing language; you can not spell Symantec.
AND, you have 50,000 computers converting to VISTA!!!!!!
I don't think so!

The word is UPGRADING to Vista.

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