Remove dummy Outlook Addin Project.


Sin Jeong-hun


I have created an Outllok Addin project within Visual Studio. That was
just for a test. Now I want to delete that addin completely from my
registry and Outlook, but Outlook load that addin every time. I've
searched Google for it and found I can make it unloaded by unchecking
it, but I would like to completely remove that addin from my registry.
Is there any feature that does that in Visual Studio


Huh?  Sounds more like an Outlook problem than a Visual Studio one.

Um, generally, when you create an Office Addin project in Visual
Studio, how can you delete it(clean it up)? Sometimes we need to
delete Addin projects right? But just deleting the project folder
doesn't seem to be enough.


That's my point.  Deleting a VS project is easy.  You just delete it. But  
that has very little to do with the output from the project and where you 
installed it.

I think that if you had a conventional application project, and had  
installed the resulting executable, you would not be looking for some  
mechanism within VS to uninstall that executable (and for sure, you  
_should_ not be).  Assuming I'm correct about that, why are you looking 
for some mechanism within VS to uninstall the add-in you built with VS and  
installed into Outlook?

I admit, I don't know very much about how Office/Outlook add-in projects  
work.  But really, I suspect that once you've got the compiled add-in,  
uninstalling it has nothing to do with VS or the project from which the  
add-in came.  How would users of the add-in who never had access to VS, 
never mind the project for the add-in, remove the add-in if the IDE were  

In any case, you posted here in the C# newsgroup, which frankly is  
probably the least likely place to get your question answered.  You'll  
mostly get people like me, who don't know the specific answer, speculating  
about what might or might not be possible.  I recommend a newsgroup that's  
on-topic for questions about the IDE and/or Office/Outlook.


Ah, I think there was some misunderstanding. I didn't "install" the
addin on my PC. All I did was to create an Addin project, and to hit
the run button in order to just test how it works. I guess VS.NET
registed the add-in into the system registry. That's why I thought
VS.NET should also clean up what it did.

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