VSTO Outlook Addin Project & Extensiblitiy Project



I created an email addin using the Extensibility Project in Visual
Studio 2005. The addin works with Outlook 2003 - works great on the
test box, but when I move it into production the addin does not load.
Can someone tell me the difference between developing the addin with
Extensiblity Project and VSTO Outlook Addin Project. It looks like
from my Google review that the addin runs in a different application
space. The production environment is a highly locked down
envirionment that prevents users from changing their workstations. I
want to use SMS to push the email addin to the client box. Please
include any short falls that the VSTO Outlook Addin project will cause
- for example - can the addin be ran for "Just ME" or will there be
security issues with the VSTO Outlook Addin project. Seems like I
read something about an issue (don't remember what type of issue) with
the VSTO Outlook Addin project. Any input would help.

Thanks for your time.


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

You really should not multipost, wait for an answer in one post. You also
should post where more developers can see this, like in a programming group
and not a general Outlook group.

What is this, a shared addin or a VSTO addin? VSTO addins can only be
registered in HKCU (for me) and not in HKLM (for all). They also need
security set on all assemblies, which means using SetSecurity or CASPOL and
strong naming of all assemblies. For all .NET addins you need to make sure
the pre-requisites are installed (Framework, PIA's, VSTOR.exe if VSTO,
Extensibility.dll, stdole.dll, any other dependent libraries).

Shared addins will run in a common AppDomain unless the addin is shimmed. If
one addin in an AppDomain crashes or is disabled then all are in that
AppDomain. Shimming puts the addin in its own AppDomain.

There are walkthrough projects for VSTO, VSTO SE and for shared addins.
There's also a Shim Wizard for shared addins. I'd suggest looking up the
walkthrough appropriate to your development environment and following it
step by step. From what you describe I'd guess either a security problem or
a lack of a pre-requisite but it's hard to be sure from the minimal
information you provided.

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