Business Contact Manager Installation



I have a fresh install of XP and Office 2003 on my computer. When trying to
install Contact Manager I get this error message:

Setup failed to configure the server. Refer to the server error log and
setup error logs for more information.

I am not connected to a server, my e-mails are pop3 type e-mails.
Ironically, I was connected to Microsoft Exchange before the new install and
at that time Contact manager failed to install because I was connected to a
server, which was what Microsoft told our IT guy. Is there a way to install
Contact Manager?




i beleive if you have outlook for exchange you need to install the version 2
of BCM. version 1 is for non-exchange outlook


I don't have Outlook for exchange. So I would need version 1. But when I
start the installation program from the CD, there is no choice between
version 1 or 2. Where do I get the correct version?


version 1 of BCM comes with office 2003 professional. it is the second CD.
you mentioned that you were connected to a exchange server. if you are still
connected to it in your profile ver. 1 will not work.


You should in all cases install Version 2. Version 2 is available for those
who have Version 1.

You should go to
for the main Business Contact Manager page. From there you can download the
Update (Version 2) or have a CD sent to you.

Note: SP1 for this version is also now (or very soon) available through the
normal update process for Office. The last screen of the installation
wizard allows you to check for updates (like SPs) to this version too.


Definately use version 2 instead of 1.

In addition, I suspect the server referred to in the setup error
message is msde/sql server, and not an email server. BCM works without
configuring an email account, but not without msde.




Hi Rudi

The error you are seeing is the result of an MSDE/SQL Setup Error. Take a
look at the following article and see if it helps.


Larry, [MSFT]

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