BUG: Using CTRL+W to Close Folder Window Leads to Bizarre Behavior


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I migrated from Windows XP Pro, where I always use CTRL+W to close Explorer
folder windows since the shortcut is easier to type than ALT+F4 and I
already use the shortcut frequently to close tabs in my web browser. In
Vista, the behavior of CTRL+W is very broken.

I have Explorer set to remember every folder's settings
(view/type/size/position/etc). If I click on the "close" icon or press
ALT+F4, everything works fine. However, if I type CTRL+W to close an
Explorer window, that folder's position is reset and its size is reset to
precisely 800x600. In fact, EVERY SINGLE FOLDER's position and size is
reset. Additionally, EVERY SINGLE FOLDER's view is set to the view of the
folder I just closed with CTRL+W.

As an example, let's say I have a Music folder and a Documents folder. Both
are set to the "Details" view and have a particular position and size (which
is not 800x600). Say I open the Music folder and set the view type to Large
Icons to view my music's album art. I now close the Music folder with
CTRL+W. If I re-open the Music folder, the position and window size have
been RESET. If I open the Documents folder, the position and window size
have been reset AND the view type has been set to Large Icons.

Does anyone else experience this problem? Does anyone know a remedy?


Meinolf Weber

Hello Newsgroup,

If i use Ctrl+W it works perfectly like you write. So it is not VISTA.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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