remember folder ANNOYING PROBLEM



I know every one here has this default Vista (even XP) problem. The problem
is that the folder customization / layout never stays the way you set it,
even minutes later after closing/re-opening explorer.

This is driving me insane. For example, in explorer under Computer I choose
large icons. Close, re-open its back to list view instead. Sometimes other
folders will somehow change views by themselves too. This is really annoying.

Someone suggested a fix months ago, but I do not remember how. Would
appreciate tips on this. I *do* already have checked on "remember folder's
view settings" enabled as well.

Vista Ultimate 64bit w/ SP1

I tried this method, made it even worst:

Mick Murphy

Chad, DON'T make wild statements here!

I NEVER had your problem in XP, and I DON'T have it in Vista.

The prob is not vista, it's YOU!


Relax MS fanboy, don't pop a vessel in your head.

Search Vista forums and you'll see many had the same issue. XP and Vista are
two different OS Einstein.

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