How to Keep folder positions constant in the desktop



Hi All,

I created several folders with some icons. Under the Views menu option I
select the Medium Icons size and then I resize the folder and place it as
expended in certain position in the desktop. If I close and then open it
again it opens in the same position in the desktop plus the icons suppose to
stay the same.

It all changes if I use the Computer Icon as and use it as an Explorer for
the hard disk. I like it better since it shows all hard disk without the
extra info if use the Windows Explorer.

I usually would set the view as details via the Computer Icon and that
changes the setup of all folders with icons under the desktop.

How can that be fixed so all folders with icons size will not loose their
positions and sizes.




Thanks for your reply.

I tried that via the View option and un checked only the Auto Arrange since
the Align to Grid was always Un Checked. Later I lost the folder position
and the Icons became as small as details.

I had a similar problem in Windows XP and I found out that someone created a
small program to update the registry for that.

Any other idea is appreciated.



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