Boot up with USB device attached




I posted this some time back, but I think there were no replies, so I would
like to try again.

I have an XPE image on a HDD, and it works fine. When I plug in a USB thumb
drive, the drive is read. However, sometimes, if the thumb drive is plugged
into the unit while booting up, a 7B error occurs. The unit will boot ok if
you plug out the thumb drive before boot. The thumb drive can still be read
if you plug it in after XPE boots up.

It happens sometimes, and not on particular units. Is there something
missing in the image, or could this be a possible BIOS problem? Error 7B has
got something to do with the Boot device, right?

Please help!

Thanks very much!


I've gotten the 7B Stop when I've tried to boot from a bootable thumb drive
that's been prepared incorrectly. Specifically, I wasn't aware at the time
that XP doesn't support multiple partitions on removable drives.

But my BIOS (General Software) has an emulation feature that makes a USB
drive appear like another IDE drive. My boot order is USB drive first, then
HDD if no USB drive is detected. You're sure your setup isn't something like
that ?



The BIOS on my machine identifies USB thumbdrives as Hard disks. The thumb
drive I tried booting on is formatted to boot up in DOS. One sure way to hit
the problem is to boot up from the drive first, then change the boot order to
boot up from the hard disk. The 7B error will appear.

Disabling the thumbdrive in BIOS will allow the unit to boot with the drive
attached into XPE.

Saw a hotfix for XP Pro on problems booting with USB CD ROMs, but not sure
if it will help in this case.

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