re-mounting a USB thumb drive after safely remove hardware executed



I am probably in the wrong forum for this topic, so perhaps someone
can point me in the right direction.

My application, running under XPe, will have an Export button; when
it's pressed, data will be written to a new file on a USB thumb drive.
If no USB thumb drive is plugged in, the button will be greyed-out/

Ideally, I would like my application to recognize when a USB thumb
drive is present, but not "install" the drive when it's plugged in.
When the Export button is pressed, the application will "install" the
USB thumb drive, write the data to the drive, and then "uninstall" or
"safely remove" the thumb drive. The goal is to give the end users the
ability to plug and unplug a USB drive at their leisure without having
to manually execute "safely remove hardware".
The link above describes how to programmatically prepare the USB thumb
drive for "safe removal", but I have not figured out how to
programmatically "re-install" the USB thumb drive after it has been
"safely removed" without having to physically unplug and plug back in
the thumb drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or can anyone point me to the proper
forum where I can get help with this?


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