Automatic Scanning not working



I am at a DOD installation and we are testing different Anti-Spyware
solutions. It is now Windows Defender's up to bat. The install went fine,
but the updates did not work. We then "authorized" the Windows Defender
updates on our WUS server at they started working great. Then we noticed
that the Automatic Scans were not occuring, at any interval, but the scan
would work fine when launched manually. I found a Defender thread which
mentioned the Task Scheduler service. DOD mandate is that this service will
always be disabled, so I belive that is why the Automatic Scans are not
occuring. But........ in the heart of testing I re-enabled the service and
turned off and back on the automatic scanning, but still not automated
scanning. I used AT and WinAT to check for any scheduled tasks, but there
are none. How do I get Windows Defender to automatically scan our systems?
Thank you.

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