I installed the beta antispyware last week and it is
good, but i think my system is now operating a lot
slower. Anyone else experiencing this slow down?



Andre Da Costa

No, I have not seen any major depreciation in performance. Have you
restarted in safe mode and done a defrag of your hard disk and disk clean
up? Also disable any unnecessary programs that might be starting up with
your system. Start > Run > MSCONFIG > Startup (tab)

Bill Sanderson

There have been performance issues found by some, but they are ususally more
specific than you are posting. If you look at CPU usage in Task Manager, do
you see processes starting with "gc" or Giant, using high amounts of CPU




My system was slower at first, but after going into a
number of different applications a few times it got
faster. However, it was still slow at that point. I
then installed StopZilla. I have no idea the
relationship between these apps and if my trial version
of StopZilla had conflicts with this beta, but after
installing StopZilla my machine is now faster than ever.
This is bizarre, but fyi.

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