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I note that many people are having trouble updating
microsoft antispyware beta. I had earlier posted that I
traced my updating problem to internet explorer being
closed in the offline state. I also note that this is not
the only cause of updating problems with microsoft
antispyware beta as a quick reading of other posts reveal.

While microsoft antispyware beta is not my only antispyware
program, I do consider it an excellent program and would
recommend it to any with an eligable operating system. The
almost only negative aspect of microsoft antispyware beta
is the updating engine and without regular updates such an
application becomes quickly antiquated. So the update
engine needs to be rewritten--maybe that is why they call
this a beta version.

I also note microsoft antispyware beta is not the only
anti-malware app that has update problems with some users.
I also note that adaware and Norton post updates to their
products on web sites like major geeks.

Maybe microsoft needs to do the same thing and post updates
to microsoft antispyware beta on major geeks and other web
sites. I'm guessing that would make alot of frustrated
folks who can't otherwise get regular updates to microsoft
antispyware beta much happier.

Suggestion to microsoft from:


Bill Sanderson


Microsoft does read these groups, and suggestions here will be listened to,
and may influence decisions about the product.


I seriously doubt that MS would rely on 3rd party websites
maybe individuals would do that, but MS never

Bill Sanderson

I do too. The root issue is broad availability and ease of download.
There's more than one way to solve this problem, and I suspect they will
solve it a different way.

Steve Dodson [MSFT]

IE must be in an online state to receive updates. We may look at changing
error messages in the future, but it is not at the top of the list.


Steve Dodson [MSFT]
PSS Security


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