Youtube slow to load



OK, this is a bit of a strange problem, and I've made no progress
finding a solution. I'm in need of some brilliant insight to fix this.

Youtube videos are *very* slow to load and start playing; it takes at
least 5 minutes. Once the video starts playing, it plays smoothly.
This happens whether I'm on the youtube site, or if I browse to a page
on another site that has an embedded youtube clip.
The problem happens in both IE 7 and Mozille Firefox 2.0, but if I use
Opera, then the video loads quickly. Also, any other video site that I
try (that also uses Flash as the player) loads with no problem::,,,, etc.
The slow loading problem is limited to youtube in IE and Firefox.

This is happening on a new computer running Windows XP. All components
are new and the hardware is all up-to-date stuff. My internet
connection is DSL. I'm confident that the problem is not related to a
network issue with my modem or my internet provider, because it works
fine with Opera, and I also have another computer running Ubuntu Linux
that shares the internet connection and has no problem playing youtube
videos in a firefox browser.

If I run in Safe Mode with networking enabled, the problem goes away.
I don't have any strange services running; this is a pretty standard
XP install. My anti-virus is Kapersky; i've disabled that and the
problem is still present.
I've tried disabling various services on system startup, but haven't
been able to find anything that clears the problem yet.

So, any ideas? Suggestions about where to look?


I was going to say maybe your anti-virus program, but you already
thought of that. How about windows security?


I was going to say maybe your anti-virus program, but you already
thought of that. How about windows security?

OK, it was the AV. In the tests I was doing, I was just pausing the
active protection in the Kaspersky a/v. If I instead completely shut
that application down, then Youtube loads fine. Kaspersky has a mode
that scans http traffic for incoming virus signatures. One of the scan
methods - streaming scan - interferes with Youtube. The other scan
mode - buffering scan - works fine.

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