XP Security Center does not recognize antivirus status



In installed XP service pack 2 and configured the security center. However
it does not recognize my antivirus software.
I have Norton installed and have it schedule to run regularly. I also keep
it updated.

How do I get the Windows security Center to acknowledge the status of the

The error reads "Virus Protection ... Check Status"
"Symantic Antivirus reports that it is installed, but it's status is unknown."

Any ideas?


Symantec/Norton may have new updates for you to install specifically for
windows XP SP2.

I ran into this problem using Symantec Client Security 2.0, symantec sent a
letter with a new license code for the SP2 compatible software. After
installing it, it disabled the windows firewall since symantecs firewall was
running and the security center now recognized my AV products.

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