XP Recovery Console create/install ?



Is there some way to create a boot CD or boot diskettes (argg) that
JUST contains the XP Recovery Console?

More and more PC's (Dell, HP, etc.) seem to come without the Windows
XP setup CD. So, how do you run the Recovery Console if you get into
trouble? Some of their restore partitions are just that--restores
everything. I just want access to be able to run commands such as
fixmbr, fixboot, etc.

Ideally it would be on a bootable CD (one for xp home, separate CD for
xp pro) slipstreamed with SP2.

Or a boot diskette(s) that would contain the basic commands.




I know isn't that irritating. There are third party apps that will allow
you to do this among other things. Do a google search for "Hirens Boot CD"
and find a location where it can be downloaded. I am a tech and this is one
of the most useful tools that I use, mainly becaue it comes with so many
different tools on it. One of these tools is a dos tool, ntfs dos tool and a
few others.
But it has virtually every disaster tool and assist tool one could use
(granted, it does not solve everything as some problems are outside of it's
Also it is free and there is no bad things attached to it such as adware etc.

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