XP internet connection sharing troubleshooting



Hello All,

I dont have much experience in networking hope some one can help me with

I am in a school network with ip address 166.X.X.X. My XP PC is connected to
the network i have an ip of 166.X.X.X. ( i will name my PC as 'PC A'). For a
specific project we purchased a win NT 4.0 workstation PC ( i will call this
PC 'PC B') and wanted to connect to our network 166.X.X.X so we decided to do
a ICS ( internet connection sharing) with my PC A which is in XP everything
went well and the PC B was assigned a ip of 192.168.X.X we are able to surf
network with both PC A & PC B . but when we want to share files to PC B from
my friends PC whos is in the network with ip 166.X.X.X the PC B does not
shows! also when we ping the ip of PC B '192.X.X.X' from our ip 166.X.X.X
there is no responce but i am able to share files from PC A and also able to
ping from PC A.

Is this a limitation in ICS that the client PC will not be shown outside the
internal network? any solution to solve this is much appreciated I was
suggested that i need to use a dual LAN server if i need to see the clients
outside the internal networks...

The reason for me to ping is i need to send some packets to this PC B and
wants its response to this.

Thanks, sorry for long description!




A "client PC will not be shown outside the internal network" whether you are
using ICS or a router. This is as it should be. Imagine if every computer
on every local network were exposed to the Internet at large! The
192.xxx.xxx.xxx is not routable and is one of several sets of IPs reserved
for local networking.

To share files (or otherwise communicate) from a workstation behind a router
(including ICS) with a computer outside the local network requires other
approaches. You don't specify what your project is, so I can't be more
specific than that.

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