Ping not working properly



This is odd. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2 on 3 computers in a peer-to-peer
LAN. They are connected to the internet and there is no personal firewall
running on them. We are using Kaspersky Antivirus and the firewall is
disabled. The users are running under limited access rights.

I've installed a network printer on the lan (x.x.x.68) however I cannot
print to it. So I did a PING test to x.x.x.68. Timed out. So I pinged the GTE
DNS server on the internet at Timed out. I pinged Timed
out. I can ping the other two computers on the LAN and the firewall
successfully but that's it.

I'm not sure what's going on with the PING command. A Tracert gets me to the
end of the NIC on the user's PC and everything else times out. PathPing stops
after x.x.x.100 (the current PC I'm working on) then everything times out.

I've never seen this before. Not DNS (can't ping but I can access through a web browser without an issue. All web access seems to
work fine.

What can I try to see why this isn't working? If i ping that works
fine. So does pinging the IP accress of my PC (as well as the other 2 PC's on
the LAN.)

I'm lost. Any thoughts?




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