XP Home install on clean HD



My computer had XP home full version previously installed. At s/u recieved
the follow message> missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system.
Tried to run the repair console with no luck. Since it was a new install, not
an upgrade I reformatted the HD and tried to reinstall. Now it gives me an
error message Windows cannot start because> Windows root\system32\hal.dll.
The windows help file says i need to install from a Windows98 or ME startup
disk the file thats missing. Whats this all about. I do not have win98 or Me
to make a s/u disk. I bought the full version or XP Home with the assumption
it would be all that I need to install the operating system. Please Help.




Rich Barry

Brad, I would check your Ram and delete all Partitions and recreate them.
Also do a Diagnostic Scan of your hard drive. The manufacturers website will
have a free utility for that purpose. You can use Fdisk or the WinXP CD.
You can get a Win98 bootdisk here with all the necessary dos utilities.
Do a google search for MemTest.

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