XP Home install: ntldr is missing


Dennis Vogt

I am doing an install using all new parts. The XP CD
partioned the hard drive, then is started copying setup
files. At 93% done it suddenly couldn't copy files
anymore. I exited the setup program to start over. Now I
get "NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart".



Jay Turney

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Hi Dennis,

Since the install didn't complete, I'd try starting over -
boot from CD and restart the installation (and I'd also
select the "reformat" option just to clean the hard drive
off while I was at it).

If you don't get a prompt during reboot to "press any key
to boot from CD" then look for a message to "press f12
for boot options", then make sure the CD is an option
before the hard disk, save and exit, then try again.

I hope this helps,


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