xp hibernate/standby doesn't work. only reboots



Hi, I'm having a problem with my laptop not being able to hibernate or
go into standby mode. It's an acer travelmate 290, windows xp pro.
It was working fine until a few days ago. I had some virus issues
recently, but after I was done cleaning the machine back up, hibernate
didn't work, and neither did standby. In the case of hibernate,
windows does a normal hibernate shutdown, but instead of powering off,
it reboots and ends up back at the login page. Standby is pretty much
the same. Turns off the screen, but doesn't enter standby (or perhaps
enters standby and comes back out) so a touch of the mouse or keyboard
and it's back on the login screen.

To fix it, I've run windows updates, as well as other more useless
cleanup type things (scandisk, defrag, disk cleanup, virus scans,
spy/adware scans etc). With the hibernate (which is what I use
frequently) I've enabled/disabled it several times, with no luck. I
also thought it might be the "automatically restart" feature under
"System Failure" in "Startup & Recovery" but no luck there either.
At this point, a regular shutdown and bootup works ok, but might be
(hard to say) a little slower than when this whole thing started.

So I'm looking for any ideas of things to try or look into. I'm pretty
close to just doing a format & fresh install, but don't really want to
have to go through that if I don't need to.

Thanks all!




same problem-3 days trying to repair-then re-installed on formatted disc and
SAME again-is virus reinstalling itself from 2nd hard drive-now have to
format 3 drives and clean install-finally repiared

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