XP Dual Core USB MIDI driver problem


Mike Feena


I manufacture a USB MIDI class device that works on many different PCs
running XP and MACs running OSX, but it does not work on 3 customer
machines that are all Intel Duo dual cores running XP. I have found
only one post on the web with the same issue with USB MIDI class
devices other than ours.

like here:

But I have not been able to find a solution.

The device is found by the OS and is installed normally. It appears as
a USB composite device and as a USB Audio device, just like it does on
all other XP systems. The problem is that it is not installed as a
MIDI device in XP.

One customer was able to get our USB MIDI device to work after a clean
re-install of XP, but it stopped working after they installed the extra
drivers/ updates from the OEM disk.

systems with the problem so far:
1. Desktop Intel PD 805 Dual Core (2.66 Ghz ), motherboard is Abit NI8
2. Unknown Acer dual core laptop
3. Acer Aspire 5672 WLMi laptop

Can anyone suggest how I can get in touch with MS directly to solve



Old 8/21 post, no answers--so--
You are likely going to need to contact the OEM for the MIDI/USB adapter.
The adapter driver is one issue, and the applications software another.
I have used both Yahama and Voyetra Midi adapters (Active USB/MIDI cables)
without a major problem.
The Voyetra adapter seems to be discontinued, unfortunately. That's a shame,
since it does work with Win 7.
(Driver included in Win 7)

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