yellow exclamation marks (code 39) on all usb devices


dominik lenné

Hi all,

after lengthy searching and trying I wonder wether anybody here knows the
solution to the following problem of a friend of mine:

Acer Notebook with intel chipset, running XP pro SP3

infection by trojan got via skype-bait-message with following unreflected
click on link, causing browser (Firefox afaik!) to execute malicious code.
Apparently healed by Kaspersky Antivirus software new version installed over
existing one. No more messages about infection. Though not everything o.k.
since some Kaspersky network connection has yellow exclamation mark in
device manager still.

no usb device works. All have yellow exclamation marks in device manager,
code 39, (inexistent or corrupted driver).

Tried and failed remedies:
switching off power. deleting all usb-devices and letting windows reinstall
them. deleting a certain "upper filter" value in the registry key of the usb
devices (no apparent effect). Trying to update drive via windows CD or
microsoft online update connection (didn't find driver better suited than
existing and refused to replace).

Thanks anyway for reading and thinking about it.


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