Xbox One controller gains new linux driver.


Sep 30, 2005
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xow, a Linux driver for the Xbox One Controller wireless dongle has a new release up

If you're using an Xbox One controller on Linux, you should keep an eye on the xow driver which aims to support multiple versions of it and multiple controllers.

xow 0.3 was released last night adding in full rumble functionality "including triggers", udev rules so you no longer require root/super user privileges, there's a Makefile uninstall target and they added support for the Xbox One Elite Controller too. Additionally, it fixes an incompatibility with the mt76 kernel driver and a crash when unplugging the dongle while pairing.

Really great to see people work on projects like this, where no official support is given to our platform it's amazing that people can do this. These types of projects make gaming on Linux just that little bit nicer and easier.



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