Xbox 360 Gamers - New Razer Onza Controller


Jan 31, 2005
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So any of you 360 gamers getting one of these? They do look the nuts i gotta say. :drool:

If i was a 360 gamer i'd have the TE version without a second thought. Adjustable thumbsick tension you say? Thats a win in my book. :cool:

More info...

The Razer Onza Professional Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 was created to improve the players Xbox 360 gaming experience with a series of special features, including Razer Hyperesponse™ buttons, designed to give faster actuation and a crisp, tactile feel. The Razer Onza will allow gamers to vary the tension required to tilt the analog stick for maximum comfort and customization bringing an element of personal preference to the world of console gaming. Razer has also added a multi-function button (MFB) that can be mapped to act as one of the action buttons, the analog stick buttons or an auto-fire button by using a sliding selector switch on the bottom of the controller. The Razer Onza Professional Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 is further distinguished by a sharply-lit edge, for gaming that stays in style, even in the dark.
Razer Onza Professional Gaming Controller for Xbox 360
MSRP: US $49.99; Europe € 44.99
Razer Onza Professional Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 Features:

  • Razer Hyperesponse™ technology
  • Adjustable Tension Analog Sticks
  • Programmable Multi-function Button
  • Wired Control for Virtually Lag Free Gameplay





Cookie Monster
May 21, 2004
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Wired is a big no, theres no noticeable lag in the wireless standard controllers, why would anyone revert back to wired?

Never been a fan of third party controllers, always stuck with the manufacturers own pads.

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