Wrong Attachement is sent and detailed in the Fax Console, but thecorrect item is displayed in Outlo


James D Smooth

I'm using Outlook 2003 to send Excel Documents via the Fax Transport
Service to a fax recipient. Sometimes the wrong file is sent according
to the Fax Console, and the recipient, however the Sent Items in
Outlook appear correct? Any ideas?

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

State your fax software. State your sending method in detail and explain why
you need to use Outlook for any part of this.

James D Smooth

Windows Fax v5.1
Excel 2000 VB Populates a Form and then sends as an email attachment
With Fax Transport Service being listed as the first item in the email
account list (before Microsoft Exchange Server).
Outlook 2003

There was no clear way to pass over the Fax Information from Excel to
the Fax Server in an automated way via Excel VB.

As a workaround that appears to be working at this point I have
installed the Excel 2003 Viewer and modified my settings so that when
an XLS is to be printed it will use the Excel Viewer instead of Excel.
Not pretty, but works

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