Windows XP Prof. Fax: Empty Sent Items, no Fax Monitor and nominal connection error


Dr. A. Martin

Although we can effectively sent faxes from Word and WordPerfect, they
are only listed in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Datos de
programa\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\SentItems, with a OutboxLOG text file in
a folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Datos de
programa\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\ActivityLog, whilst the Sent Items
folder in Fax Console remains empty.

In addition, the Fax Monitor does never show during fax transmission,
which can only be barely followed by hearing a (slightly noisy) phone set

In "Impresoras y faxes" (printer and faxes) application, Fax (Modelo:
Microsoft Shared Fax Driver) is listed as "Listo" (ready), but in "Fax"
application, "Consola de fax" (fax console), the status bar reads "Ninguna
impresora de fax está disponible" (no fax printer is available).
"Herramientas", "Estado de las impresoras de fax" (tools, fax printer
status), leads to "error de conexión" (connection error) status for the
"Local" fax printer.

[ At least the first of these problems (Console "Sent Items" always
empty) was posted by "resipsaloquitur"14/6/02 according to,
and a solution thereto apparently posted by Russ Valentine short afterwards.
Unfortunately, my news servers do not allow me to see messages earlier than
15/10/03 and Mr. Valentine post is not displayed in the link above.]

Our fax modem in this computer is a HSP56 MicroModem, made by PCtel,
with HSP56 MicroModem driver, version (4/4/2000), and is located in
PCI1 slot (bus PCI1, device 5, function 1).

May anyone help us to solve these problems? Many thanks in advance.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

That thread is a year and a half old. If I remember correctly, it was a
problem corrected by SP1. Have you applied SP1?

Dr. A. Martin

Our Windows XP Prof. (version 2002) is version 5.1.2600 compilation

Amongst the 45 critical updates and Service Packs, 25 Windows XP and 1
driver update, 1.9 MB of SP1 are also outstanding, but we do not know if
this small portion may be responsible for the imperfect behaviour of Fax.

In addition, we have received a Swen and Exploit attack with near 50
infected e-mail messages... apparently as a consequence of our post in this

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

In the Fax Console > Tools > Fax Printer Status... what do you see?

Do not ask me to answer questions about the Swen virus. Ample information
about that has already been posted and that information is now common

Dr. A. Martin

Thanks for your reaction, Mr. Valentine.

In the Fax Console > Tools > Fax Printer Status... we see Connection error
(status for the"Local" fax printer). You can find more details in my
original post.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Certain registry keys on which Fax depends can be wiped out by certain
update or repair operations in
XP and causes this behavior. SP1 usually fixes the problem. Try this

1. Save the attachment to this post (or paste the text between dashed lines
at the bottom of this message into Notepad and save it).

2. Rename it RPCProt.reg

3. Go to Windows Explorer and double-click on RPCProt.reg - this would apply
the key to the registry (assuming that Merge is the default action).

3a. If double clicking the RENAMED file opens Notepad or WordPad, go to
'Start|Run', type REGEDIT, click OK, then go to 'File|Import' and navigate
to the file.

4. Stop and then restart the fax service.

The contents of the attached file:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Dr. A. Martin

SP1 installation solved the problem. Every facsimile sent and failed so far
is correctly displayed in the respective folders in Fax Console, while the
status bar reads "Listo" (ready) and "Herramientas", "Estado de las
impresoras de fax" (tools, fax printer status), leads to "en línea " (on
line) status for the "Local" fax printer.

Although we are convinced FAXFIX.REG would have been a much easier solution
for this particular problem, we chose SP 1 installation because it should be
convenient for our system for a number of additional issues, too. As a
matter of fact, the 45 critical updates and Service Packs, 25 Windows XP and
1 driver update which were outstanding when we posted our message has been
reduced to only 14 critical updates and Service Packs, 17 Windows XP and 1
driver updates after SP1 installation.

For other people suffering from Swen, I suggest the combination of Magic
Mail Monitor versión 2.94b8 with SWEN-MMM3-filter versión 7. References:

Verónica Loell's filter:

Swen @ Symantec:[email protected]


Magic Mail Monitor 3:

Magic Mail Monitor 3: Summary:

MMM3 filters instructions:


Alternative description and download (of version 2.93):


Using Russ Valentine's RPCProt.reg has eliminated one problem for me
but I am still looking to resolve the next one.

Originally I could not successfully install the MS Shared FAX Serve
Client SW. However on using the RPCProt.reg routine as suggested
am now able to use the Client software.

My next problem is with the Win 2000 Services - FAX Services It wil
not Start. I get an error:
Could not start the FAX Service on Local Computer
The service did not return an error. This could be an interna
Windows error or an internal service error.
If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.

Well, the problem does persist - after re-boots, re-installs of Window
2000, and all. It even occurs, not only on my workstation, but also o
the System Administrator's workstation. But he has no idea why.

Since there seems to be people here who have in-depth knowledge on th
MS Shared FAX Server and on other related issues including relate
Registry issues, I am hoping that someone will know what is going on.

I am hoping that I do not have to re-format my disk and do a "virgin
installation of Win 2000 on my workstation, but the problem existing o
other workstations as well, seems to imply that a format would not cur

My goal is to finally be able to:
x = CREATEOBJECT("Faxserver.Faxserver")

I can CREATEOBJECT, but I cannot CONNECT. On my home system I ca
CONNECT, but the Win 2000 FAX Service is Started. Without that FA
Service being Started, the CONNECT does not work.

Your advice and suggestions are most appreciated.



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

You might find more takers in the Win 2000 Fax group. I've never used Win 2K
Server Fax, and I'm not sure many others here have either.

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