Workaround for ZTR*.TMP Files Preventing Roaming Profile Deletion



Many posts reference troublesome ZTR*.TMP files that prevent clean
terminal server roaming profile deletion upon logoff. We had the same
problem for months. I searched high and low, but no one had a viable
workaround. Here's what I found after considerable investigation: In
my situation, the ZTR*.TMP files were created by Cognos Upfront web
applications, but only when the Cognos created PDFs were printed.
Viewing the PDFs was OK. At first, I thought that the ZTR*.TMP files
were only created on Windows 2003 SP1 Terminal Servers, but I've been
able to replicate the issue on XP Pro SP2 laptops and desktops. The
difference is that you do not notice the ZTR*.TMP file problem unless
you try to delete the profile. Anyway, the workaround I discovered is
to print the Cognos PDFs using Acrobat Reader 7.x's "Print as image"
option. The "Print as image" checkbox appears under the Advanced
button. When the box is not checked, the ZTR*.TMP files are created
and user profiles suffer. When the box is checked, the ZTR*.TMP files
are NOT created and the user profiles delete cleanly upon user logoff.
Just wanted to share the knowledge. Hopefully the "Print as image"
workaround works for you too!





I experienced this problem too. The print as image-option is a workaround,
but unluckily this setting has to be applied by every user for every
printer*... This is not a good option, as users are users and who doesn't
know how this species of mankind follows up recommodations?

So, some research learned me that AR 6 also generated these "bad
squishy!"-files z*.tmp, but 5.0.5 not. So! Best recommodation i.m.h.u. would
be for everyone experiencing this problem: downgrade to AR 5.0.5. That one
get's the job done also.

Regards, Hans.

* One exception: AR handles PostScript printers well.

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