Roaming and local profiles



Hello !

I have several users logging into TS W2k.
They're using roaming profiles also there is GPO which includes folder

I have some problems with synchronization of roaming and local profiles
for example:
user is logging into TS then creates shortcut on the desktop which is
redirected so resides not locally on TS but on network drive, then user
logoff and logon again,
shortcut is copied from network drive to local drive on TS.
At that time user delete this shortcut and log off. shortcut is copied from
local profile into roaming profile so it still exist when user logon next
time, although
it was deleted by the user.

Is it possible to alter this beahaviour, I mean to make that local profile
settings doesn't override roaming profile or to not save any settings at
logoff ?

Vera Noest [MVP]

What you describe is *not* standard behaviour.
I can think of 2 reasons for this to happen:

1) more than one user logs on with the same user account. If
that's the case, the only solution is to give every user a
personal logon account, otherwise the roaming profile will always
be the one that is configured by the last user who logged off.

2) you have a general problem with loading and unloading profiles.
When the user deletes the shortcut and then logs off, the shortcut
should also be deleted from the roaming profile on the network
drive. But this will not happen when the TS has problems unloading
the profile and thus updating the roaming profile.
Check if you see any Events 1000, Source: Userenv in the EventLog
on the TS. If so, install the UPHClean utility:

837115 - Troubleshooting profile unload issues


Ok I understand Your point but i wanted to achieve something different.
I have some remarks to Your point nr 2.
Point no 1 is not taken into account becouse every user has it's own unique

There is no problem with synchronization between local and roaming profiles.
The problem is that when user is working on TS he see the desktop which is
redirected to network drive so he is working with the roaming desktop.
When he delete some object on the desktop he delete it from the network
drive not from local profile and when he logoff local profile synchronize
with roaming so
this process create deleted object on the network drive desktop becouse on
the local TS profile this object still exist. I just wanted to achieve
somehow that roaming profile is more important than local, If I delete
something in a real time from my roaming profile when I log off the local
profile will not override changes made to the roaming one.

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