TS Profiles Vs Roaming Profiles



I have set up a test user with a roaming profile for there login account, but
when I log in on Terminal Server I get a mixture of both desktops. Is there a
way to stop this running. I have set up a TS profiles but this does not
appear to have worked. Any ideas would be very welcome.

Thanks.................. Alastair.

Vera Noest [MVP]

You've already found the solution: defining a "normal" roaming
profile as well as a separate Terminal Server roaming profile. So
you really need to find out why the TS profile doesn't work.

How and where did you define the TS roaming profile? In the user
account settings, or through a GPO?
Which OS do you run on the TS, the domain and the clients? Active
Directory in place?
Any error messages when the users connects to the TS? Anything in
the EventLog on the TS regarding loading of the profile?

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