Confused about TS -vs- Roaming profiles.



I have an environment where 15 managers have stand alone PC's. The other 60
users were on a terminal server. 60 users was too much for the one server,
so we're bringing another TS server on-line, and will be dividing up the Wyse
Winterms as to which access each server.
The problem STARTS that some users move between locations, and therefore
need to have a roaming profile so that their documents and settings follow
there user login. We further complicate the problem by the fact that the
managers must launch an RDP connection from their standalone PC to run
certain applications on these terminal servers.

I'm confused as to how to set up the TS User Profile - vs- the regular User
Profile Path and Home directory. Then there's the "Local Path" -vs- Connect
[drive letter] to [path] that appears in both the User Profile AND the TS
user profile.

Can someone point me in the right direction so that I don't have and angry
mob of 75 users that can't get to their "stuff"?


1. If a Profile is designated, but no Terminal Server Profile, the normal
profile will be used (not good).

2. If no profile is designated, local profile is used (not good if settings
need to be the same on several different servers).

3. The home folder & drive letter fields on the Terminal Server Tab are
used ONLY if you want to use locations different from what is entered on the
Profile Tab. (most people leave these blank, so the values on the Profile
tab are inherited).

4. Assign each user a Terminal Server Profile, i.e.
\\server\tsprofile\%UserName%, as sharing profiles between Terminal Server &
PC Workstation is BAD.

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

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