Word forces Save As when Saving



I have had this happen quite a few times since using Word 2007 (Office 2007
suite) over the last 1+ years . At some point while working in a Word
document, I press Ctrl-S to save and instead of saving the doc as usually
happens, the Save As dialog comes up and I am forced to save the document
with another name. This is very, very frustrating and completely interrupts
my workflow because after saving with a new name, I have to close the
document, delete the original so I can rename the saved-as doc with the right

This seems to happen when I've been working in the same document for an
extended period of time (e.g., about 2 hours this morning), which means that
I have saved it many times. I typically save each time I take a break from

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution?

Thanks for all useful input.

Windows XP Pro SP 3
Word/Office 2007
Dell hardware
3gb RAM
55gb free disk space


UPDATE: This has happened multiple times this morning and I'm getting rather

Graham Mayor

Are you saving to a network location? The problem most probably concerns the
handling of lock files and if there is a minor disruption in the connection
to the save location the document can be disconnected from its lock file and
the presence of the orphan lock file will prevent you from saving again to
that name. See also http://www.gmayor.com/what_to_do_when_word_crashes.htm

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Hi Graham. I am saving to my local disk. I should have said so in my original
post. I considered that the file might be getting locked for some reason to
cause this but have no idea why that would be happening. I am storing the
file on the desktop but I don't think that should make a difference. I can
say that, maybe twice, I have noticed that a Word document temp file (in the
same location as the .docx file) doesn't get deleted when I close the Word
document. I have been able to manually delete that file. That has not
occurred in the case of the particular document with which I'm getting this
problem now though. Any other suggestsion are welcome. I'll check out your
link in a bit to see if there is anything there that might be useful though I
am storing the doc locally. Thanks.


One thing I did this morning is to reset the AutoRecover path to a local
drive. It defaulted to My Documents, which in our organization, is
automatically mapped to a network locaiton to easily facilitate backup. Maybe
that file was in accessible at some point. Will see what happens when working
this morning.


After resetting my AutoRecover path to a local drive I have not, so far, had
this happen again. That said, it was never often enough to say now that it is
resolved, but I am hopeful. Just FYI in case anyone else encounters this
issue. April

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