Word 2007 will not save my "Save files in this format" setting



Recently, my copy of Word 2007 (on Windows XP) stopped saving documents as
..docx by default. When I change the setting back from "Word 97-2003 Document
(*.doc)" to "Word Document (*.docx)" in Office Button... Word Options...
Save... "Save files in this format," the program will remember to do so until
I close Word. Upon restarting Word, this is now always reverted back to the
*.doc setting. I've had Word for years now and it only recently started
doing this. I've tried setting it dozens of times and it keeps forgetting
it. I've run the Microsoft Office Diagnostics and it found one unnamed
problem and reported that it fixed it. I've run Office Setup (Repair) from
the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, but neither of these have
solved the problem. I cannot find help on Google and I'm about to give up.
Anyone know the solution? Something in RegEdit I can do?

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