Word document background print: I get a tile effect I dont want


M Newton

I use Word 2003. I am preparing a word document that contains text but with a
background photograph. After hours of trying I was able to size the
background photograph such that it fits the 8.5 x 11 inch page exactly by
using a crop ratio of 1.29 (height/width) for the photo and at a pixel count
to match my monitor (96 dpi). The page looks great in the editing window and
also in preview. However, when I print it there are 36 images (tiles) in the
background instead of one. I talked to Canon about the printer; I chatted
with a print shop and everyone I know; I tried to call Microsoft but they
wanted to charge me $40.00. I have no solution so far. I am amazed that no
one has run into this before as it is a problem that is bound to happen. It
may be that the background is meant more for web pages as some of the "help"
indicated but surely there must be a way to print it as a word document also.
I think that altering the resolution of the printer to 96 dpi may work but it
is almost imposible to do that with the company printer.





I was having the exactly the same problem in regard to the size and titling
when you insert a picture as a background. Your suggestion of using a
watermark has solved the sizing problem, however the reason I wanted to use
the picture as a background is because I need it to display in full colour.
Any suggestions?


Stefan Blom

When inserting the watermark, clear the "Washout" option in the Printed
Watermark dialog box.

Stefan Blom

You could try adjusting the Contrast as well as the Brightness of the
picture, and see if that helps.



Bob Buckland ?:-\)

Hi Yvonne,

Items in the header or footer 'layer' in Word will display dimmed, but will print in full color.

I have done that and it doesn't make that much difference.

Any other ideas? <<

Bob Buckland ?:)
MS Office System Products MVP

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Feb 24, 2016
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Was personally having this issue in Word 2007 where the Print Preview displayed the background image correctly, centering and filling the entire background, yet printing to a PDF or printer results in the background image being tiled repeatedly on the entire page ==> finally figured it out!

Since the Header formatting option presented by others typically is not an appropriate option for most encountering this issue, and the background printing/spooling options don't work, the resolution to prevent the background image from tiling when printing to a PDF or a printer is as follows:

• Open the document in Word 2007
• Click on the 'Page Layout' tab
• 'Page Background' section > click 'Page Color' > click 'Fill Effects...'
• 'Fill Effects' window opens > click 'Texture' tab > click 'Other Texture...' button
• 'Select Texture' window opens > navigate to and click on the desired background image > click 'Insert' button
• 'Fill Effects' window opens > click 'OK' button

Since there is a known issue between MS Word and some print drivers resulting in pictures in the background being tiled instead of centered and filled, the trick is to insert the background image as a 'Texture' instead of a 'Picture'. Save your Word document and then edit as needed for any content to be displayed on top of the background image.

~ Bruce

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