I am trying to setup a background color to print with my document(


Richard Young

I am trying to setup a background color to print with my document(s) I am
selecting in MS Word - Format , Background , Fill effects , one color(any
Color), from center, . When I do a print preview the background shows up
exactly like I want it to, but when I actually print the document, the back
ground fill effect come out Tiled. prints tiled 6 x 11 images instead of 1
image on the whole page.
How do I force word to Print the page as it is previewed and not have the
fill effects Tiled. I am trying to do this without creating a text box.

I have tried printing to an XPS and a PDF as well a multiple amount of
printers. I have made sure that all of the printer drivers are up to date, I
have made sure the print background option is checked. I also have looked at
every possible stteing in word with no luck. Should be relativly easy but
everything I tried does not seem to work. Urgh!!!!

Thanks in Advance.
Richard Young
MCP * 4 -2000
CNA 5.0
Net +




I would attack this from another direction, instead of using the Background
option, have you tried attaching a Drawing Rectangle attached to the Header,
have the Rectangle the size of the page, filled to the appropriate
colour/pattern/picture, with or without lines, translucency setting adjusted,

For further details see http://sbarnhill.mvps.org/WordFAQs/AnchorToHeader.htm

Remember, an image in or anchored to the header are always dimmed when
you are working in the document body and vice versa.

Hope this helps

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