Word 2003/Vista style names mystery



I am working on a 200+-page doc, using styles. For no reason I can
identify, new style names have begun spontaneously populating the list
of Styles and Formatting. All are numeric--403056801z0 or similar,
followed by a group of Wingding symbols or text in Greek, and all are
based on "underlying properties." The numbers differ but the phrases
following the entries are the same throughout. The new styles seem to
have no influence on actual text, though the Document Map list makes a
little jump when one of the numeric style names is clicked.

I have done nothing deliberate with underlying properties, am not
using hidden text, and am the only person working with this mss, which
has been saved as a straightforward .doc file.

The style names are proliferating like rabbits, to the point that it
is virtually impossible to use the Styles and Formatting list for bona
fide formatting styles.

Ideas about what is going on and how to stop it?

Stefan Blom

Have you edited the document in another word processor than Word, by any chance?

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