WMP 11: "Click" noise on ripped WMA CDs played in car stereo



I installed the WMP 11 beta on our XP system. I rip CDs @ 128KB/sec, WMA
format. I have a Pioneer car stereo which plays WMA and MP3. CDs I ripped
with V9 and 10 and burned to CD-RW play fine with no problems.
However, the files I ripped with WMP 11 and burned to the same CD-RW discs
have a random "click" noise in them. When I play the files in WMP 11 on the
computer, they sound fine.
Is there a way to make WMP 11 rip or burn using the settings for WMP9 or 10?
Any other ideas? :)


I've had problems with Pioneer Car Stereos and WMA files as well. These
are CDs with WMA files ripped straight from purchased CDs via Windows
Media Player 9 and 10, then burned then using Windows Media Player 11
Beta 2. I get horrible "popping" when I play a majority of my songs on
my Pioneer DEH-680MP.

I took my CDs into Car Toys and tried on every single Pioneer car
stereo unit they have. ALL of them produced the exact same problem.
However, put the CD in an Alpine or Kenwood deck and it plays

Interestingly, if you use the Pioneer Flip-Out Screen DVD Deck, it
doesn't have the problem.

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