Playing WMP 10 protected files in WMP 11



I have a client with 2.7gigs, lots of CD albums now lost by a fire, that were
ripped with WMP 10 on a W2K workstation with protection turned on. (Oopsy)
With the upgrade to XP and WMP 11, argh, he now can not play his muzac on the
new PC. I exported the license files from WMP 10 only to found out I could
not import the license in WMP 11. I have looked throughout MSKB and they say
it can not be done. With out having to create a new CD for each album he has
on the old system, does anyone know how to get the WMP 10 license into WMP 11
or are we screwed again by Mr. Bill?


I'm having a similar problem and would be very interested in finding out how
to resolve this problem.

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