WMA files from Windows Media 10


Brent Johnson

I recently downloaded version 10 of Windows Media Player
and since then every WMA file I've ripped will not play
on my car deck (Panasonic CQ-DF583U - WMA compatible). I
never had this problem with Media Player 9. Since then I
also haven't been able to get it to play files ripped
with dbPowerAmp Music Converter or Easy CD-DA Extractor,
even if I change to and older WMA codec. I haven't been
able to roll back to Media Player 9 because it doesn't
appear in my Add/Remove programs and System Restore
hasn't been letting me go back that far. Any suggestions
because I really hate ripping CDs to mp3?


I downloaded it(10) too. I have alot of mp3 files that
were converted to guitar port music files using 9. I
can't read them anymore. I keep getting an error message
stating that my mp3 codec is missing or being used by
another program. I have to convert the mp3s to .wav files
(using dbAmp) and taking them into my GuitarPort
software. It will convert and play the files, but they
are huge. I too tried to revert back to vers. 9, but
couldn't find a way. This sucks, but I can't believe we
are the only ones having difficulty.

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