MP3 not playing when ripped from CD


Tracy Lee

My husband has a track from a CD he's trying to rip into
an MP3 file. He's done at least 50 from other CD's with
little or no problem. This one will not play when
ripped. The CD plays fine on our CD player, though when
played from our CD drive, you hear distortion about 7:45
of 8:18 length, though the rest is fine. Usually he uses
the freeware version of MusicMatch Jukebox. Tonight,
about the 4th time he tried to rip it, he did so in
digital with error correction. He got 98% of the way
through before it errored out and started from the
begining as analog. This analog file sounds like someone
rythmically tapping on the speaker when played in WMP
(trying different things to find the problem). Any ideas
for getting this track ripped?

Thanks a lot!
Tracy and Jack Lee

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