Wireless problem with printer and netbook

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Hello. I have a new Canon MX320 inkjet printer that is installed and
connected to my (main) desktop computer, which is running Windows XP Home
SP3. The printer is configured to be shared on my home network and works
fine. This computer uses an ethernet/wireless router for Internet access.

I have two other computers in my house. One is another desktop
running XP Home SP3. It can wirelessly connect to the Canon printer with no

Now the problem: I have a third computer, a netbook running Windows 7
Home Premium. The netbook can "see" the Canon printer on my home network,
and when I click Add a Printer, it communicates with my main computer and
the transfer of files begins and almost finishes. Just before that happens,
I get an error message...."Windows cannot connect to the printer." When I
click Show Details, it says..."Operation failed with error 0x0000000d."

A Google search produced a few suggestions, but they didn't work. I
have contacted Canon support via email, but have not gotten a solution yet.
Hence my visit here. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to fix this
problem? Perhaps my main computer that is running Windows XP doesn't have a
compatible driver for the Windows 7 netbook. If so, I wish there was a way
for include one.

My Canon printer is a replacement for an older HP inkjet printer. My
netbook wirelessly installed the necessary drivers for that printer

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