HP Photosmart Premium C309a won't install


Charles W Davis

This printer had been installed by one of our Computer Club members using
the USB connection. Then he had difficulty connecting to it wirelessly from
his laptop and netbook.

I enter the picture and decided to set the printer up as a network printer
with a cat-5 cable plugged into his wireless router. The software was
successfully installed on the laptop, the printer was recognized on the
network and printing was enabled. Next the software was downloaded from the
HP site, and installed on the netbook (no CD drive) with no problems. The
printer was recognized and printing was successful.

Now, I turned my attention to the Desktop. I removed the printer and fax in
the Control panel. Then attempted to install for the network printer from
the CD. After a couple of minutes, the installation dialog box simply went
away. I turned off the Windows firewall, uninstalled McAfee, Norton, and
AVG??? Don't ask how they were all three installed, but they were. I
rebooted and installed Microsoft Security Essentials. A Full Scan revealed

I downloaded the full software package from the HP site and attempted to
install. During the second step, the dialog box again simply dissapeared.

I don't have the foggiest notion how to proceed. Any help will be

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