Delayed Printing - Visio 2007



I am having a problem with Visio 2007 and an HP Photosmart Premium C309n-s
printer. In my case the printer is connected directly to my computer via USB

There is a long delay before printing starts. During this time the job is
not spooling. Then, all of a sudden, the job spools-up and prints immediately
and quickly. I also see a similar delay if I push the printer 'Properties'
button to change a printer setting. There is no delay when printing from
programs other than Visio.

The Visio files can be old or new and are less than 100K in size. So far the
delays I've experienced are on the order of 30 to 45 seconds. During this
time, Visio is non-responsive. I installed the latest HP printer drivers and
printer FW from the HP web site and still have the same behavior. All other
programs, including those in the Office 2007 suite, print as expected with no
start delay.

I have an HP5850 Deskjet on my wireless network. It works just fine with
Visio 2007 on the same computer; there is no delay to the start of printing.
So there appears to be an issue specifically with Visio when printing to my
HP Photosmart Premium C309n-s printer.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to resolved this.


Thanks for the suggestion. I already posted in the Visio news group. I've
also posted in the HP support forums. If I find a solution I will post for
others to see.

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